Changing colours of business

Industry sees sense in going green

On the face of it, there is not much to celebrate. Wastage of resources has become acute. We seem to be in an era of energy-guzzlers. But things are not that bad if we scratch the surface a bit we can find rising sensitivity in urban areas on use of water, energy, or the way we manage our waste. That is good news--the kind that has not been reported for a very long time. Consider the numbers. In the last six months or so, the country's Green Buildings Council received green certification applications from building projects on around 3,700 hectares.

It is so easy to turn cynical and decry this effort. But the fact that mainstream business, that destroys so callously, has finally changed colours is a positive development. It has turned around to seeing that it makes market and business sense to go green.A lot of the business initiatives might not fit in with standard definitions of ecologically-sustainable development, but they still make for heartening news.

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