Conclave of Champion Cities of Asia and Africa on Clean Air and Sustainable Mobility

Centre for Science and Environment organized a day conference for experience sharing between the developing nations of Asia and Africa on April 9th, 2015 in New Delhi, India in India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi.

The objective of the conference was to find ways to address critical issues of common concerns and look at a range of indigenous strategies for addressing issues related to the challenges of public transport, road safety, congestion reduction strategies, public awareness and capacity building. This conference helped to capture the lessons learned in Asian and African cities, and help to evolve strategies for policy action by understanding unique challenges in the region.

This brought together the key regulators and policy makers from different countries of Africa and Asia region working in the field of air quality management, urban mobility, public transport reforms and enforcement and management participated in the one day conclave. These included regulators from twelve African and two Asian countries - Uganda, Kenya, Senegal, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, South Sudan, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, china and Indonesia including experts, grass root organisations, media and industry representatives who are involved in reportage, governance, and implementation of transportation policies or strategies.

It is a growing realisation that the problems of a developing nation cannot be solved by the solutions of the developed ones. Our problems need a more contextual solution to be self sustainable; otherwise it will always be dependent upon external sources in one form or another.


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Programme Schedule
Briefing Note
Session 1: Managing Urban Air Quality to Achieve Clean Air
Setting the Agenda of Action for Clean Air and Sustainable Mobility

By: Anumita Roy Chowdhury

Air Quality Monitoring and Air Quality Index System, Dakar

By: Aminata Mbow Diokhane

Measures to Reduce Air Pollution through Introduction of Vehicle Excise Act and Low Sulphur Diesel, Mauritius

By: Satyanand Buskalawa

Advocacy for Improvement of Fuel Quality to Achieve the Euro 4 Standard in Indonesia

By: Ahmad Safrudin

Creating Public Awareness Regarding Climate and Environment Issues in Addis Ababa

By: Yonas Gebru

Challenges & initatives of Air pollution in Ethiopia

By: Hany Ezedin Mohammed

Session 2: Road Safety and Accessibility: Our Safe Right of Way
Non Motorised Transport and Universally Accessible Strategy for Cape Town

By: Gershwin Fortune

Transformation of Road Safety in Nigeria

By Osawe Efosa

Transformation of Road Safety in Nigeria

By: Osawe Efosa

Road Safety Strategy for Ghana

By: Abraham S Zaato

Advocacy for the Improvement of Cycling Conditions in Guangzhou, China

By: Youguo Ye

Kampala NMT Policy

By: Benon M Kajuna

Session 3: Strategies for Implementing Sustainable Public Transport
Improving the Efficiencies of the Urban Environment through Introduction of IPTN and MYCITI BRT

By: Gershwin Fortune

BRT as a Tool for Spatial and Transport Integration: REA VAYA

By Nobuntu Ciko

Role of LAMATA in Improving the Public Transport in Lagos

By: Onaolapo Odejayi

Organising and Regulating the Unorganised Public Transport System in Accra

By: Samson Gyamera

Session 4: Strategies to Reduce Dependency on Private Vehicles
Cashless Priced Parking in Nairobi

By: Christine Adongo Ogut

Transport for Cape Town: a New Era for South Africa

By: Cyril Benjamin

Parking as a TDM Measure for the Inner City CBD

By: Nobuntu Ciko

Community Infrastructure up gradation Program

By: Margareth Mezwile