Three days National workshop cum exposure visit on “Controlling Fugitive Dust Emissions from Stone crusher and Mineral grinding sector”

Date: September 20 - 22, 2022 

Fugitive emissions are one of the major contributors in the air pollution of the area but are often neglected. CSE in its latest studies have also identified stone crushing and mineral grinding industries as the sectors with high amounts of fugitive dust emissions with a nuisance to public health. Since the sectors will always be in demand, it is required to strengthen the operational practices of these sectors to enable them to work in harmony with the environment. This can be done by reinforcing sector guidelines and incorporating stringent measures to reduce fugitive emissions from these sectors. 

Since these sectors are spread all across the country, CSE feels the need to bring together the experts in this field from different states and discuss strategies for combating emissions from these sectors. Considering the need, CSE is organising this 3-days national workshop cum exposure visit at Alwar, Rajasthan. The workshop, to be attended by officials from various state pollution boards, aims to provide a platform for experience sharing, learning for each other and exposure visit to few units for both sectors adopting best practices. The objective of the workshops is to develop guidelines for stone crusher and mineral grinding sectors which are implementable and effective in controlling fugitive emissions from these sectors.

Participation on Invitation basis only

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