Corporate Social Responsibility - Planning and Implementation


CSR training note (November 17 to 19, 2016)

A three day training programme on Corporate Social Responsibility (Planning and Implementation) was conducted at Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), New Delhi, India. The training programme saw a participation of a total of 28 participants from varied professional and academic backgrounds. Some of the key areas covered in the training were the CSR Legislative Framework, the National Voluntary Guidelines (inclusive business practices), CSR performance, CSR planning and implementation, CSR opportunities in Municipal Solid Waste Management and Sanitation, class exercises, case studies and alike.

The participants in the programme were from diverse professional backgrounds. The industry representation was the largest at 56%, followed by researchers from universities in Delhi, Bangalore North East and Mumbai.

The training was particularly active and the participants engaged in numerous discussions, raising questions and doubts about the policy, its relevance and linkages to various other areas of work.  

The programme was designed into lectures / presentations, class exercises and movies. Lectures and presentations were made use of the most for training sessions. These lectures also involved interactive discussions with the participants

The training programme was well received and appreciated by the participants. Some of the topics like Need based assessment: tools and techniques, Tools and techniques for monitoring and assessing impact of CSR, and planning and implementation of CSR were highly appreciated by all the participants. Some of the participants stated that they have a better understanding of CSR, and many have requested CSE to develop e-courses and make groups for extensive knowledge and experience sharing.