Course feedback - 2016

Raghu Soma
Environmental Engineer
Sircilla Municipality, Telangana

This course has given me a lot of knowledge on FSM chain, I used the learnings while preparing the City Sanitation Plan for our city. We also included a proposal of co-composting plant for solid and faecal waste.

Himanshu Chandra
Assistant Director
Regional Centre for Urban and Environmental Studies
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

The course helped me in having a fruitful discussion with Urban Local body’s officials under Swachh Bharat Mission projects. It also gives a platform for networking between sanitation experts.

Birupakshya Dixit (Ph.D)
Programme Coordinator-India,
Practical Action

I am providing leadership support to FSM projects in 3 cities of Odisha. This course has helped me to support the field team, guide them effectively to arrive at different decisions for successful implementation of FSM projects.

Nitish Rai (Student)
Banaras Hindu University
Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

I believe that it is a career-enhancing course. CSE has played a pivotal role in bringing FSM to India. It also provides me a global identity, that is overall unique, this course has helped me to start a professional career. Thanks to CSE, it proved to be a fruitful course for me.