CSE Climate change adaptation workshop: Towards Climate Resilient Communities in South Asia: Emerging Policies and Practices

CSE's experience-sharing workshop on climate change, brought together about 20 ngo's, practitioners and implementers from across India and other South Asian countries who work at the ground level with communities directly impacted by the effects of climate change.

They came together to share and discuss how communities are responding to such observed impacts, to identify best practices that can be replicated across the region and sketch an agenda on the way forward for more climate-resilient communities. An important outcome of the meeting is a South Asia-wide network of experts, scientists, practitioners and organisations working on adaptation.

  Workshop Report
  Participant List
  Workshop Schedule
  Presentations Day 1
  People, Technology and Alluvial Flood Plains of North Bihar
By: Eklavya Prasad, Megh Pyne Abhiyan
  Addressing the potential to be harmed along the Indian coast
By: Anurag Danda, WWF
  A Case Study from Baigachak of Chhattisgarh
By: Ramesh Sharma, Ekta Parishad
  Community Managed Sustainable Agriculture – Adaptation and mitigation to climate change
By: Raidu.D.V, CMSA
  Climate Change Adaptation in Rural Areas of India - Indo-German Technical Cooperation Project
By: UnniKrishnan.D. Nair, GIZ
  Increasing Resilience and Reducing Risk of Coastal Communities to Climate Change and Natural Hazards in the Bay of Bengal
By: Sarojini Brahma, RCDC
  Experiences in piloting a LAPA on WASH in Nepal
By: Himalaya Panthi, NEWAH
  Mainstreaming DRR and Climate Change Adaptation in Local Development Planning Processes Lessons and Experiences from Sri Lanka
By: Bhathiya Kekulandala, Practical Action
  National Action Plan on Climate Change
By: Indrajit Bose, CSE
  Presentations Day 2
  Resilient/Adaptive Agriculture in Flood Afected Areas and Urban Climate Change Resilience
By: Dr. Shiraz Wajih, GEAG
  Climate Resilience Through Community-based Microinsurance
By: Dr. Nihar Jangle, MIA
  Promoting People’s Organization and Eco-friendly Alternative Agriculture for Climate Change Adaptation in Bangladesh
By: Tarik Sayed Harun, COAST
  Enhanced adaptive capacitis of communities in Mandla District
By: Ishan Agrawal, FES
  Empowering the Thar Desert Communities
By: Rahul Mishra, GRAVIS
  Indian Himalayas Climate Adaptation Programme (IHCAP)
By: Mustafa Ali Khan, SDC
  Climate Change A Challenge or Chance for Value Chains in Nagaland, Sikkim and Meghalaya
By: Heike Junger-Sharma, GIZ
  Water in Semi-arid Context Maharashtra, India
By: Harish Daware, WOTR