CSE dialogue on sponge iron in Odisha

The dialogue on sponge iron industry organised in Rourkela, Odisha on Januray 22, 2011 by Centre for Science and Evnironment saw participation from affected people, NGOs, media, industry and the Odisha State Pollution Control Board.

The dialogue started with a presentation from Chandra Bhushan, Deputy Director General (CSE) explaining the study, its results and recommendations. The State Pollution Control Board representative responded on the findings, "I do not disagree with the findings of the study at all. Lack of capacity is a major concern at the regional office of the Odisha SPCB." This was followed by a presentation from Himansu Luthra of Vasundhara. He explained the local environmental issues associated with the industry. George Tirkey, MLA from Sundargarh was also present at the meeting and presented his view very strongly, "We do not want sponge iron factories in this area. They have only taken things away from us - land, water and minerals but they are yet to give anything back." A number of affected people presented their experiences. This was followed by a summarising address given by Ramesh Sharma of Ekta Parishad. The meeting was concluded with a vote of thanks. The event was covered in a number of daily newspapers and news channels.

Download Chandra Bhushan's presentation and a local english newspaper clipping: