CSE/Down to Earth Feature Service

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) offers a free feature service to media organisations across the country. This service has been operational for more than four years now, and is steadily being accepted as a trusted source for topical news stories and opinion pieces on hotly debated issues of environment, science and health.

The sharply edited, easy-to-reproduce features and news briefs, in particular, closely examine technological developments in the areas of ecology, energy, health, industry, agriculture, pollution, community-based initiatives and water management. And, more significantly, they explore the links between these areas and between people working on the issues at the macro level and those operating at the grassroots.
As CSE has been working in these areas since its inception in the 1980s, discerning readers will find that the service is not yet another ‘development debate’. They will discover that it provides a comprehensive and invigorated Southern perspective, with a view to promote equitable and democratic global governance. The realpolitik behind national and international negotiations also stands exposed.

The service is available in Hindi and English and provides exclusive and topical news stories and opinion pieces by experts on hotly debated issues of environment, science and health. They are sourced from the science and environment fortnightly Down to Earth.

For the Hindi feature service, CSE has had an arrangement with the Indore based Sarvodaya Press Service for translation, publication and distribution of features. It goes to more than 250 media houses and organisations. Some of the newspapers regularly using our features are Nai Dunia published from Bhopal and Indore, and Dainik Bhaskar published from Delhi and Bhopal. 

The English features are sent to two different categories. One is a South Asian service, under which stories and articles topical to the region are sent to about 25 major publications across South Asia. Some of the papers using our features are Dawn, Pakistan, Bangladesh Observer and The Independent, Bangladesh.

We also offer a novel version of the English service to some of our key friends in the media. This version is fully customised, more focused and extremely user-friendly. The objective behind running this service is to increase understanding and reportage of environmental issues. It is currently reaching about 15 subscribers including, Deccan Herald, New Indian Express, Mathrubhumi, Kashmir Times and Business Standard.

Many publications have also expressed interest in Sunita Narain’s editorials. Currently five publications are publishing her column including Hindustan, Dainik Bhaskar, Maharashtra Herald, New Indian Express and Central Chronicle.