CSE -Rural Water and Waste rolls out its first focused training program for Uganda-A march towards implementing the model project site

Date: June 4th, 2021

CSE Rural water and waste team has signed an MoU with Ministry of Water and Environment, Uganda to enable knowledge sharing through applied trainings and research Programs in the area of Ground water and Sanitation.

The team has published a few technical research papers and have conducted specialized online training programs for the Groundwater and Sanitation teams.

Moving ahead, as a part of the MoU CSE shall help towards implementation of the model project sites in two locations each of Uganda for Sanitation and Groundwater Recharge.

To initiate the same Ground water participants were screened for their active participation and learning during the online training programs. CSE selected a team of 7 participants from the list of 60 trained participants and shared the same with Uganda Ministry of Water and Environment. The Ministry finalized a 14 member team in coordination with CSE comprising of Hydrogeologists, Engineers, Economist, etc. The Ministry was also inducted in selection of two model project sites for implementation. The two finalized sites are Mazizi subcounty- Luwero District and Dwaniro subcounty- Kiboga District.

4th of June, 2021 marked the first meeting with the expert team, where they were introduced and they were given a basic introductory training of the first step towards the project implementation. They were told about the basics of Data collection and how to proceed towards the same. The team is now preparing a questionnaire which shall be used for data collection. CSE will hold many such handholding expert sessions in future and is hopeful towards design of a good model project site.