Specialized training on groundwater recharge and rainwater harvesting for officials of Uganda, 5th-18th February, 2021

The Rural Water-Waste Management Team conducted a specialized sponsored two-week online training on ground water recharge and rain water harvesting in rural areas for the government officials of Uganda. The training was attended by 60 government officials from Ministry of Water and Environment-Rural Water and Sanitation Department, Uganda. The objective of this training was to advocate the technical aspects of rain water harvesting and ground water recharge, how can the community be involved and the role played by community in maintenance of these structure, so that they can implement the knowledge in their country.

The online training involved self-study, online interactive discussions and live interaction with the experts. The live session enabled the participants to interact directly with experts like Ms. Susmita Sengupta, who shared technicalities of rain water harvesting system and installation. Mr. Harish Hingorani, principal technical advisor to Ministry of Jal Shakti talked about a case study in Chhattisgarh using GIS technologies and Dr. Shashank Shekhar, professor Delhi University talked about basics of watershed management.

Apart from this various live doubt clearing sessions with the course coordinators, discussion forums helped participants interact and put forward their learnings enabling a better learning environment. This also motivated other participants to actively engage in the program. The participants appreciated the training programme. Participants also showed interest in attending the course physically when things become normal.




Samuel Senfuma, Ministry of Water and Environment, Uganda

Training brought out the practical aspect of rain water harvesting and its impact on society! How a drought prone district depending on seasonal rains was changed into a model village growing food/farming after adopting and implementing the concepts of rain water harvesting. It’s an eye opener especially to start planning for ground water recharge and harvesting. It seems the future for sustainable and cost effective water supply option (ground water). Since cases of surface water pollution keep increasing beyond treatment especially in developing countries.
Nalubiri Recheal, Aquatech Enterprises (u) Ltd, Uganda

The presentations made were very good, audible and clear to understand. My appreciation goes to whosoever did the best to collect, organize and bring the educative information to us. Thank you very much Swati for the wonderful training arrangement and I request that more of such trainings should be organized always to enhance our understanding in the field.