Specialized (Online) Training on safe toilet design and treatment and reuse of faecal sludge in the rural areas of Tanzania

Date: 17th -31st May, 2021 

The Rural Water-Waste Management Team conducted a specialized sponsored two-week online training on faecal sludge management in rural areas. The training was attended by 65 government officials from Tanzania. The objective of this training was to advocate the necessity of safe treatment, disposal and/or reuse of faecal sludge in the rural areas of Tanzania and build the capacity of the government officials of Nigeria, so that they can implement the knowledge in their country.

The online training involved self-study, online interactive discussions and live interaction with the experts. The live session enabled the participants to interact directly with experts like Dr. Rajesh Pai and Mr. Sasanka Velidandla from WASH Institute on basics of fecal sludge management, basics of selection of technology, and waste water treatment.

 Apart from this various live doubt clearing sessions with the course coordinators, discussion forums helped participants interact and put forward their learnings enabling a better learning environment. This also motivated other participants to actively engage in the program. The participants appreciated the training programme. Participants also showed interest in attending the course physically when things become normal.




Mgani Hezron, Musoma Municipal Council, Tanzania
The training was very good, Facilitators, methodology, training materials, few to mention. I like the fact that training was including different facilitators, and the inclusion of reality aspects of management of waste water as a way of gaining knowledge and skills. I already did recommend this course to my workmate that I mentor. Am looking forward to recommending it to others. I like this training. I wish this training should continue as its important to our professional development and career.
Shuku C. Kaishwa, Gairo DC
I appreciate the organizers. They were well coordinated, the topics thought were very significant in our profession. We thank the facilitators of the training.
Its brainstorming hence it leads to explore more and read more on several articles
The way we got access to the course was very good, i appreciate the tutors and the way they impact our knowledge(they are skillful) . I also appreciate the learning materials. They are of very good standard. Its one of the courses much in need especially during this season where the waste management is a big problem, and not achieved well especially to the developing countries including Tanzania.