CSE workshop: 'Our Right of Way: Walk and Cycle'

CSE’s clean air and urban mobility team organized a workshop ‘Our Right of Way: Walk and Cycle’ in New Delhi on March 22, 2012. This discussion forum included participants from all the key organsiations, stakeholders, civil society representatives, policy makers bicycle industries, cycle clubs and regulators. All witnessed the different source of knowledge at one go from different stakeholders. Several issues from different cities and countries were shared which included experiences from Sri Lanka, Chile, Netherlands, Nepal, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi and Punjab. The workshop discussed how safe our cities can be built around walking and cycling to combat pollution, and congestion. Several issue were discussed according to the expertise: some shared the impediments faced while walking and cycling, few had ideas on designing and planning infrastructure, while some of them shared their personal experiences and all put forth their opinions. The forum supported that this sustainable mode of transport must be recognized as a key mode of transport in our cities and the users be given their right of safe commuting on all roads.

The way ahead would be to bring some changes and promote NMT and bringing the stakeholders and cycling clubs together to have a positive outcome.