CSE-WRC Online Orientation Workshop – SFD and City-Wide Sanitation Planning in South Africa

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Date: 8 July, 2022
Time: 11 AM – 1 PM SAST / 2:30 PM – 5:30 PM IST
Participation by Invitation / Nomination


An excreta flow diagram (also often described as shit flow diagram, SFD) is a tool to readily understand and communicate how excreta physically flows through a city or town. The fate of excreta produced by populations across the globe is often poorly understood. SFDs show how it is or is not managed as it moves from defecation to disposal or end-use.

The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), under the SFD PI Phase 3 initiative, is deep-diving in South Africa for upscale and institutionalising SFDs with local partners Water Research Commission (WRC).As South African towns and cities plan to provide affordable and sustainable sanitation services to all, the authorities and regulators are challenged by weak baseline data and poor monitoring of sanitation strategies.

Under the Brown Drop initiative, South Africa aims for all municipalities to develop SFDs as a baseline for sanitation master planning, and use them as a monitoring tool to assess progress of city-wide sanitation strategies.

Aim and Objectives

As part of the national strategy for roll-out of SFDs, CSE and WRC are organising this online orientation workshop on SFD and City-Wide Sanitation Planning in South Africa. The workshop is aimed at providing context on how SFDs are developed, and their role in planning for sustainable and affordable sanitation solutions for South African towns. The objectives of the workshop are:

  • To advocate use of SFDs in national / provincial / city planning and policy framework for affordable sanitation for all.
  • To familiarise the importance and role of SFDs as advocacy, baseline and monitoring tool for sanitation infrastructure across the value chain

To identify cities / municipalities at beginner, intermediate and advance stages of SFD and FSM / city-wide sanitation planning

Workshop Coordinators

Dhruv Pasricha
Deputy Programme Manager, Urban Water
Centre for Science and Environment, India
Email: dhruv.pasricha@cseindia.org

Dr Sudhir Pillay
Research Manager: Sanitation
Water Research Commission, South Africa
Email: sudhirp@wrc.org.za


Workshop Directors

Depinder Singh Kapur
Director, Water Programme
Centre for Science and Environment, India
Email: dkapur@cseindia.org

Jay Bhagwan
Executive Manager: Water Use and Waste Management
Water Research Commission, South Africa
Email: sudhirp@wrc.org.za



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From SFD to CSP
by Arne Panesar By: GIZ
Sanitation in South Africa, Brown Drop Initiative
by Dr Sudhir Pillay, WRC
India's SFD Journey
by Dhruv Pasricha, CSE
SFD Data, Report and Review
by Harsh Yadava, CSE
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