Training Programmes for CEA officials, Srilanka


The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) in partnership with the Central Environmental Authority (CEA), Sri Lanka, has conducted two training programmes in Srilanka for the CEA officials from 25-29 April, 2011 and 21-25 November, 2011.

CSE is also planning to collaborate with CEA by signing MoU in the near future.  The main objectives of the MoU are to assist CEA in monitoring and compliance of development projects (i.e. EIA), advocate laboratory support and encourage research and knowledge dissemination.

The five day capacity building training workshop on sector specific EIA in Colombo for CEA officials from 25th to 29th April, 2011 received an overwhelming response from the CEA officials and more than 50 officials attended the workshop. The objective of the workshop was to build capacity in EIA and assist regulatory agencies to understand the main area of concern and use that understanding to assess and review EIA reports, and inform regulatory agency about the best environment and social management practices. The sectors covered in the EIA training were mining, hydropower and irrigation projects, also, coal based power plants. Apart from this the participants were also made aware about the state of art practices for pollution abatement and control. A session on Social Impact Assessment (SIA) was also conducted. Chandra Bhushan, Deputy Director General of CSE inaugurated the programme by lightening of lamp. The key note address and inaugural remarks was presented by Mrs. Ramani Ellepola, Director General of CEA followed by welcome address by Mrs Kanthi de Silva, Director (EIA), CEA. Chandra Bhushan also shared environmental and social challenges in South Asia and current EIA practices in SARRC countries. The Programme also included class exercises on ToR and review of EIA reports. The key speaker of this programme was Chandra Bhushan and Sujit Kumar Singh.

Also, a four day Training Programme on EIA was conducted by CSE in Colombo from 22-25th November, 2011. The programme was attended by 46 CEA officials and received an excellent response. The programme included lectures on the Environmental Clearance Process in Srilanka and relevant issues, Environment Management Report and class exercises on how to write the Terms of Reference of industrial/mining projects were also held. Sujit Kumar Singh, Deputy Coordinator, CSE was the keynote speaker for the training programme.

Sector specific EIA Training Programme  in Colombo for CEA officials from 25th to 29th  April, 2011



Training Programme on EIA was conducted by CSE in Colombo from 22-25th November, 2011.