Decentralised Wastewater Treatment

A way to manage septage in Shimla

CSE has submitted a report on septage management in Shimla as a part of its deliverable as Centre of Excellence in the area of Water Management under Ministry of Urban Development. Shimla city, being highly undulating encounter problems in laying conventional, gravity flow sewer lines that will connect each and every house in all residential areas.

The main city of Shimla is connected to a centralised sewerage network but the outer areas are not adequately connected to this network. Further the treated wastewater is currently not reused and is disposed off in drains, sometimes into drains which serve as water supply sources, causing diseases.

In this report five zones have been identified which at present do not have any sewerage network and is not connected to sewage treatment pant. These areas are already using septic-tank based sewage treatment systems.

CSE proposed implementation of Decentralised Wastewater Treatment Systems in the identified zones by making improvements to the existing system. Decentralised system is an economical , cost effective alternative and offers long-term sustainability of the system. On-site treatment of wastewater is ideally suited for some of the locations in Shimla where the areas to be served are situated below the sewerage network and cannot be served by a gravity drainage network.

Download full report (PDF)