New Delhi, May 18, 2010

India has become a dumping ground for electronic wastes. Apart from producing 350,000 tonnes of e-waste every year, it imports 50,000 tonnes from other countries.  Profit earning has become a priority neglecting the fact that everyone is going to suffer if we don’t think of wisely managing the non bio-degradable E-wastes.

When it comes to managing these wastes in the country, almost 90 per cent of the work is done by the unorganized sector. This unorganized sector is a working class of poor people who are benefited with employment though recycling of e-waste.

But government, to curb illegal trading in the e-waste industry has framed draft regulations which allows only registered and big investment companies to recycle these non-biodegradable entities. This can be very well termed as an in-justice to the unorganized sector. It is definitely not going to help the illegal trading, instead will result in more of unemployment.

CSE on May 18, 2010, had organized a half-day press briefing where a story by Down to Earth covering the elements of this issue was released. It even revealed how the only licensed recycling company, Attero Recycling, was reselling the waste instead of recycling. This awareness programme included both print and electronic media.