South Asian Media Briefing on Climate Change, New Delhi - 2010

Date: November 24 - 25, 2010

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) organised the Second South Asian Media Briefing Workshop in New Delhi to discuss, debate and understand the subject of climate change: its science, impacts, adaptation and mitigation strategies, politics and global negotiations.

The two-day Workshop was aimed at providing first-hand information on and understanding of the subject to journalists, straight from the key women and men in the field – the national negotiators, policy-makers, climate change experts, and civil society representatives. 

Journalists from Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka joined us for the unique opportunity to interact with and be briefed by these people. 

The Workshop offered a chance to meet with editors and other journalists covering the subject in the South Asian region. Additionally, it  provided the framework and guidelines to prepare journalists for the forthcoming global meets on climate change.  

Day 1- November 24, 2010
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After Copenhagen: What's on the agenda?

Sunita Narain
Climate change: Poznan- Copenhagen-Cancun What is at stake and play?


Mitigation targets and equity

Chandra Bhushan
Equity, burden sharing and mitigation targets


Monsoons and agriculture

R Krishnan
Towards Earth System Modelling for improving monsoon projections under changing climate


Ramesh Sharma
Community Charter on Climate Crisis


D P Dobhal
Climate Change and Himalayan Glaciers; Observations and Facts


Tashi Morup
History of Flood in Ladakh

Sea level rise    
    Abhijit Mitra
The Science & Impacts of Climate Change: Sea level Rise
    Satheesh C. Shenoi
Sea level rise in the Indian Ocean
The politics of black carbon   J.Srinivasan
Impact of Black Carbon On Climate

Day 2- November 25, 2010
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Low Carbon Growth Options for India
  Chandra Bhushan
Low Carbon Growth Options for India

  Jagdish Kishwan
Climate Change and REDD-plus