Ease of Septage Management tool

March 24, 2023

Faecal sludge and septage management is a priority for all states and cities of India. There is no city in India that is 100% sewered. Septage management is therefore an urgent priority. India has in the last five years, embarked on addressing septage management through the 2017 National Policy on FSSM

In the last five years, UP along with Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Telengana, Maharashtra and AP, have made big strides in addressing septage management. UP now has 59 towns with septage management infrastructure in place. This still leaves more than 700 towns in UP that are without basic infrastructure and systems of treating faecal sludge. Co treatment of sewage and septage with functional Sewage Treatment Plants, can go a long way in addressing septage management in India.


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