Global online training course-Toilet Technologies and fecal sludge and water management in rural areas

Date: Feb. 20 - Mach 5, 2021

The Rural Water-Waste Management Team conducted a specialized two-week online training on Toilet Technologies, faecal sludge and water management in rural areas. The training was attended by 101 participants from around the globe. Around 57 per cents of the participants were from African countries and 30 per cent were from India and other Asian countries. Participants were quite a mix type – consultants, students, government officials, NGOs, private sector, academicians and researchers. The objective of this training was to advocate the need of safe treatment of faecal sludge before further disposal and  reuse in the rural areas and connecting the use of toilets with sustainable and safe sources of water. The training brought up various importance technical aspects to build the capacity of the participants, so that they can implement the knowledge in their countries.

The online training involved self-study, online interactive discussions and pre-recorded expert sessions where participants could watch the same as per their availability and the questions were sent to experts for answering. Apart from this, the discussion forums helped participants to interact and put forward their learnings enabling a better learning environment. This also motivated active participation. The participants appreciated the training programme. The participants showed interest in attending the course physically for hands on training in our training institiute.



Amit Bhalerao, B. K. Birla College of Arts, Science & Commerce, Kalyan
As an educator, my aim was to achieve knowledge in sanitation which I can use in my town as well as can teach my students in future. With the giant data and knowledge provided to us by CSE, my objective can be fulfilled when I undertake my work.

I appreciate the efforts and study that went into constructing and presenting such a giant data mine of information. It will be very useful to all of us and we will pass on the information to the concerned bodies for sure. Another thing that I liked is people from other countries were also given a chance to be a part of the course. This will really help them to make changes in their region. Further training courses on similar quality of life issues will be very useful and interesting. How about self-sustainable communities and such? It would be a nice extension to rural development subject.

God bless you all for your hard work and dedication in creating a sustainable planet.

Thank you, CSE.
Abdulmajid Sulaiman, Jeeresoft Enterprise, Nigeria
This course will change the Water and sanitation problems of many village around the world, attending the training will fill the knowledge gap between people and their willing to change their environment.
Gayatri Basu, Government official, Kolkata
Very effective training which will help me a lot in future to train communities, officials and NGOs. Course materials distributed are very much helpful. Expert sessions are also very good. I can advocate the technology and processes with the districts and down below and facilitate training sessions effectively.