Global Renewable Energy and Energy Access Transformation" or GREEAT

December 08, 2015

Chandra Bhushan, deputy director general of CSE, presented the idea of “Global Renewable Energy and Energy Access Transformation” or GREEAT at the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy side event on energy access. He spoke about the importance of affordability in the future energy system. “Future of energy is decentralized distributed and renewable,” he said at the event. 

CSE along with Friends of the Earth International and What Next Forum, jointly endorsed the GREEAT programme and released its updated version at a press briefing. Speaking at the press conference regarding the same, Aruna Kumarankandath, CSE explained that the GREEAT partnership is not just about money. “It is important for the developing countries to receive support not just in the form of finance for feed-in tariffs, but also for soft loans, capacity mobilization and enhancing domestic manufacturing. GREEAT can create the space for all these distinct funding streams and will be based on the need and requirement of the country receiving those funds,” she added. 


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