Green Bridge Technology

Green bridge technology approach is developed by Shristi Eco Research Institute (SERI), Pune. It is based on filtration, biodegradation and biosorption mechanisms by microbes and plants. It is a combination of Ecofert – which is an active microbial consortia, biomats, sand, gravels and plants. The stones/boulders act as a filtering material and prevent the solids from passing through the bridges. The green plants/flora grown at the banks of the water body also contributes towards the treatment of the wastewater.

Salient features
  • Designed specifically depending upon the requirements/conditions and flow of the wastewater to the rivers or lakes.
  • The length of the bridge varies with the site specifications.
  • Suitable for in situ treatment in rivers, flowing streams.
  • No skilled labour is required for its operation and maintenance
Green Bridge technology at Ahar River, Udaipur