Green Bridge technology at Ahar River

Location: Udaipur, Rajasthan
Scale: Water body/river
Implementing organisation: Jheel Sanrakshan Samiti (JSS), Udaipur and Shristi Eco Research Institute (SERI), Pune
Designed Capacity: 100 MLD
Operational since :
Capital cost :  Rs 33 lakhs (This cost denotes the amount incurred by Udaipur. The actual capital cost would be according to Rs. 2-5 lakhs/MLD)
O&M:  Rs 2-3 Lakhs per year
This project is based on Public – Private Partnership model in which various organisations like: NGOs, Udaipur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UCCI), University, Village Panchayat, Hindustan Zinc Ltd (industry in Udaipur) are involved.

Ahar River receives 100-150 MLD of wastewater (domestic and industrial) and ultimately meets Udaisagar Lake which is the final recipient. The untreated wastewater into the water bodies has  caused a negative impact resulting in negligible dissolved oxygen, foul odour, presence of faecal coliforms and Eutrophication in the water bodies.
The treatment involves six green bridges at a stretch of 1.6 km at Ahar river. The bridges are of varying length depending upon the width of the river at selected site. Two metal screens are installed at upstream of the bridges to prevent the solid waste entering into the system.  Plantation of local grasses, lemon grass, Typha etc was done to aid the treatment process.

The wastewater passes through the green bridge filter which is a combination of coconut coir mats, sand, gravel and boulders. The floatable and suspended solids are trapped which reduces the turbidity of flowing water substantially. Microbial bioremediation process by Ecofert reduces the organic and inorganic content present in the wastewater.
Increase in DO: 0.7 to 6.9
BOD reduction: 52%
COD reduction: 44%
(Source: JSS, Udaipur)
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Dr Tej Razdan, General Secretary
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