Green Campus Initiative: CSE collaborates with Woodstock School, Mussoorie to provide technical assistance on green campus planning and sustainable approaches to Woodstock’s life and work.

Date: July 29, 2018 

Sustainable Buildings and Habitat Programe (SBHP) has signed a MoU with Woodstock School Mussorie under the Green Campus Initiative. Both the institutions, as represented by Rajneesh Sareen, Programme Director, SBHP, CSE, and Dr. Jonathan Long, Principal, Woodstock School, Mussoorie, have expressed excitement to work on the areas from energy to water to waste and ensure to keep in line with the common guiding principle – to tread lightly on the Earth! 

The engagement started off with a preliminary audit of campus buildings and infrastructure along with Woodstock’s estates team, headed by Mr. N. P. Singh. 

Green Campus Initiative

Woodstock School is built on a treacherous terrain, between 6500 and 7500 feet, and includes more than 250 acres of protected forest land. The campus was established in 1854 and the facilities need tremendous attention.

The school is planning reconstruction and refurbishment of identified buildings and areas. The estates section is motivated towards planning for a green campus that is energy efficient and has wise water and waste management in a sensitive Himalayan geography. CSE will be working closely with the estates and planning and design team throughout the planning process.

Green Campus Initiative

Woodstock has an active student community. Students have already commenced projects and are corresponding with CSE on reviving a defunct rainwater harvesting system and initiating solid waste management at their campus.