Guidelines: For Planning, Designing and Implementation of Deep Row Entrenchment (DRE) in Towns with <20,000 Population in Uttar Pradesh

April 04, 2023

Faecal Sludge: The accumulated semi-solid or solid portion that settled at the bottom of the septic tank or any other containment structure comprising 20% - 50% of the total septic tank volume is termed as faecal sludge.

On-site Sanitation: On-site sanitation is a system of sanitation whose storage facilities are contained within the plot occupied by a dwelling and its immediate surroundings.

Septage: Septage is the liquid and solid material that is accumulated in a septic tank after it has for a period of time. Septage is the combination of scum, sludge, and liquid from the household any other establishments.

Wastewater: Liquid wastes from households or commercial or industrial operations, along with any surface water/storm water. Wastewater is a broad term and used for any used water.

Vaccum tanker vehicle: A vehicle used for mechanized sludge removal from onsite sanitation systems like septic tanks, etc.

Leaching: It usually refers to the movement of dissolved substances with water (Here faecal sludge) percolating through soil.



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