Informal stocktaking by CoP President on December 6

COP President: "As of this moment, we have one more day. I urge parties to resolve outstanding issues

Chairs speak:

AWG KP: AWG KP has concluded its work. Sent to CMP for adoption. A comma committee, purely a legal committee, has been appointed to look at KP text

AWG LCA: A lot of further streamlining has to be done in a number of areas before we can take them forward. Hopefully, we will bring different elements of LCA in one document by sometime tonight.

AWG ADP: Based on consultations, we are making available our fourth iteration, or text. Parties anxiously engaged. We will conduct ADP plenary tomorrow.

Ministers speak:

KP Ministers (Brazil and Norway): We continued reaching out to Ministers to discuss and listen to views on outstanding issues. Consulted with groups.   Hope tomorrow will be able to report closure of consultations.

Finance ministers: We have prepared possible elements of Doha outcome on finance, presented to the Parties and heard their concerns. We look forward to engaging with Parties further

Reporting guidelines ministers (Norway and Gambia): Some issues are outstanding. We will facilitate another meeting at 8pm.

Loss and Damage (South Africa): We conducted bilaterals. The main political issue revolves around establishment of institutional mechanism to address loss and damage.  One proposal tabled by a group of countries today may be a possible landing ground.  Consultations are ongoing on. We need more time.

Groups speak:

Africa Group: Long way to go still. Under LCA, concerned about the unbalanced nature of text and missing text. We call for finance, USD 60 billion annually. Under KP, we are deeply concerned about the low level of ambition. Africa will not accept if environmental integrity is threatened. Under ADP, all elements of article 4—mitigation, adaptation, finance, technology—have to be there. All principles of Convention must apply.

Environmental Integrity Group: We have achieved a lot. It’s time to bring the pieces together. Under KP, we are for carry overs. Under LCA, ongoing issues will not be forgotten. ADP will have to say that we are increasing ambition before 2020 and we are moving to a legally binding agreement.

Umbrella group:
Under KP, need broad access to market mechanisms. LCA needs to conclude discussions where we reach agreement. Where we cannot, we must recognize and move to implementation. ADP needs to ensure we have an agreement post 2020.

Alliance of Small Island States:
We are coming to the end of business in Doha. KP has concluded, LCA has still a lot of issues to deal with. We have to reiterate again the protection of environmental integrity because our survival depends on it.

G77 and China
We emphasized that meaningful closure of KP and LCA will have a bearing on ADP. Under KP, we have expressed for an ambitious second commitment period. We understand there are issues. There are consultations being held. We hope that will translate into high level of ambition. Under LCA, we need to consider issues in a comprehensive manner. We underline that finance is a crucial issue. Under ADP, work needs to balance issues. There needs to be high ambition for adaptation, finance and technology.

EU has repeatedly advised to speed up closure of LCA. This is a crucial pre-requisite for having time for ministers to look at the text.

We reiterate the importance of second commitment period of Kyoto Protocol. We also reiterate that for KP parties should not have access to market mechanisms.

COP President
Nothing will be adopted till parties have the full picture. Request all ministers to complete their work tonight. Deliver clear outcomes by 8 am tomorrow. Wish you productive consultations. We will do it