International Conference on Compliance and Liability in Climate Change Negotiations

Delhi - Indian Habitat Centre, Magnolia Hall, March 1, 2011
10:00 to 18:00

What will happen to its citizens if Solomon Islands sink in the seas in next 20 years? Which country will accommodate them? Who will pay for their migration? Can they earn refugee status? How can countries, which do not meet the emission reduction targets under Kyoto Protocol, be held accountable? If there is no punishment for non-compliance of KP, what does it hold for the future of global treaties?

Liability and compliance are two least explored domains in the climate change debate today, because of their complexity, cross-sectoral challenges that encompass law, finance, human rights, development and above all, seemingly insurmountable geopolitical constraints.

Centre for Science and Environment brings experts from across the globe to discuss these challenges and illuminate upon solutions that we must work towards. The panel comprises renowned environmental lawyers, professors and climate negotiators who will be facing NGOs, campaigners, researchers and together will try to find answers to one of the most challenging quandaries that climate change harbingers.