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Urban Water & Wastewater Management

Hands-on workshops and practical tools for sustainable water use. Targeted at municipal engineers, architects, contractors, builders, urban planners, consultants, students and citizens.


Urban Rainwater Harvesting
Learn how to design, implement and monitor rainwater harvesting structures in various urban contexts – residential colonies, large public spaces, individual household.


Domestic Wastewater Treatment and Reuse
Explore various do-able ways to treat and reuse wastewater by implementing cost-effective, efficient, decentralized wastewater treatment and reuse systems.



B. Towards Sustainable Urban Growth

Workshops to help cities implement major policy reforms
Cities across India have initiated major reforms in mobility management, air pollution reduction strategies, public transport and congestion. Targeted at urban local bodies, planners, city planners, consultants, transport officials, air quality regulators, town planners, researchers, city development agencies, etc.


Green Buildings in Indian Cities
A workshop to help cities implement national building and resource conservation codes and enforce energy, water efficiency and waste management norms for green buildings

Contact: Jayeeta Sen, Email:


Urban Mobility: Agenda for Reforms
Strategies to Promote Public Bus Transport in Urban India
Air Quality Monitoring & Inventory Management
Congestion Reduction and Pedestrian Policies
Green Buildings in Indian Cities



C. Environmental Impact Assessment: From Screening to Decision-Making


Workshops that build technical capacities of various stakeholders to actively scrutinize and participate in the environmental clearance processes for industrial projects. Targeted at NGOs, civil society groups, environmental consultants, members of project-affected communities, environmental regulators and industry representatives.

Contact: Sujit Kumar Singh, Email:


Training on Inspection, Enforcement & Strategic Planning
Orientation programmes for Department of Environment, Government of Bangladesh

Regional Environmental Impact Assessment Workshops Conducted regionally in collaboration with civil society groups and NGOs in Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Meghalaya

Workshop on environment and social due diligence in financial institutions

Contact: Nivit Kumar Yadav, Email:


D. Month long summer certificate courses

The course design includes lectures, seminars by eminent academicians and activists, case studies, local field excursions and a week-long field visit to rural India to experience first-hand community-led eco restoration efforts.

Contact: Sharmila Sinha, Email:


Agenda for Survival
Targeted at graduate and post-graduate students studying in Indian universities and at young professionals from India.

Challenge of the Balance: Views from the South An orientation course for young professionals, together with undergraduate and graduate students studying at universities outside India.


E. Global Warming in a Still Unequal World

An e-course followed by a two-day briefing in Kolkata and a field visit to the Sunderbans in West Bengal

Contact: Sharmila Sinha, Email:


F. Managing Information Resources in the Digital Age

For information managers on how to create a digital documentation centre (books, journals, news-clippings, audio-visual resources) and maximize web-based outreach

Contact: Kiran Pandey, Email:



G. Green Schools Programme


Short, refresher workshops to train school teachers on how to make environment-related curriculum in schools interesting and relevant

Contact: Ashish Shah, Email:



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