Managing Solid Waste in Tanzania

CSE conducted a closed door, roundtable meeting on Solid waste management in Tanzania to release its report titled “Tanzania- An assessment of the solid waste management ecosystem” on Tuesday 3rd August 2021. 

A number of sources from the government and the academia were accessed and analysed to come up with the report. Based on the findings of the report, CSE organized a roundtable for consultation with key stakeholders from Tanzania. 


Mr. Samuel Mafwenga, Director General, National Environment Management Council
Mr. Sheha Mjaja Juma, Director General, Zanzibar Environmental Management Authority
Dr. Aboud S. Jumbe, Principal Secretary, Ministry of Blue economy and Fisheries, Zanzibar 

The session started with a welcome note by Mr. Atin Biswas, Director- Municipal Solid Waste Management team at CSE. He introduced CSE to all the colleagues from Tanzania, and also shared the objective of CSE Global South programme. He stressed on the fact that the waste management issues facing Tanzania are not different than the ones faced in other parts of the world and what’s needed is the first step to start working towards making Tanzania, a zero waste country. 

Director General, NEMC welcomed all the colleagues’ from Zanzibar, Tanzania and India. He hoped that this meeting will open up avenues for engagement between CSE and Tanzania, apart from helping to understand the challenges and issues with respect to Solid waste management. He appreciated the report and said that it covered the relevant and contemporary issues that Tanzania faces as a country. 

Mr. Siddharth Ghanshyam Singh, Deputy Programme Manager, CSE presented the key findings of the report followed by the identified challenges and proposed recommendations. 

Director General, ZEMA spoke about the the waste generation, collection and treatment efficiency in Zanzibar and also about the experience that he had during the commissioning of the decentralized waste management system- pilot plant at Shauri Moyo. 

The city officials from each of the six city councils were then invited to share their learning and challenges from the ground. Director General, NEMC also shared the concerns that were raised in the recent meetings with the city council officials. 

Dr. Richa Singh, Programme Officer, CSE presented the action plan for engagement between Tanzania and CSE. 

All the panellists were then invited to provide their feedback on the action plan presented which was followed by an open discussion. Dr. Aboud S. Jumbe, Principal Secretary spoke about the importance of engaging with all the stakeholders and the relevant ministries in Tanzania to ensure that the systems and mechanisms put in plasce function smoothly. 

The Programme Director, Municipal Solid Waste Management Unit, CSE ended the webinar with a concluding remark and thanked all the panellists and participants for being a part of the webinar. The vote of thanks was given by Mr. Nivit Kumar Yadav, Programme Director, Industrial Pollution Unit, CSE.   

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Key findings of the report
By: Siddharth Singh
Deputy Programme Manager
Action plan for a zero waste Tanzania
By: Dr. Richa Singh
Programme Officer
Director General
National Environment Management Council (NEMC),
United Republic of Tanzania MAFWENGA
Director General
Zanzibar Environmental Management Authority,
United Republic of Tanzania
Principal Secretary,
Ministry of Blue Economy and Fisheries,
Zanzibar, United Republic of Tanzania
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