MoU with Sushant University and training on Heat Resilience and Thermal Comfort

CSE organized a training programme themed at ‘Heat Resilience and Thermal Comfort for all’ at the School of Planning and Design (SPD), Sushant University. About 78 faculty members and students participated in the programme. This programme was conducted to kick-off the formal participation between CSE and Sushant University as the two institutions entered into a MoU on the same day.

In the signing ceremony, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Sharma, Registrar and Dr. Preetha Sajin, Head – Planning represented Sushant University. From, CSE, Rajneesh Sareen, Mitashi Singh and Sugeet Grover were present at the ceremony.

In the training programme, +Rajneesh Sareen, highlighted how green recovery is possible by focusing on thermal comfort in the self-built housing segment. Mitashi Singh elaborated on the demand and awareness for sustainable and traditional materials and building techniques in the country in her session. Sugeet Grover introduced the participants on thermal comfort, relevant policy mandates and CSE research on the native housing materials and building techniques identified and documented in West Bengal, Odisha as well as Karnataka.

These sessions spurred a brainstorming session and debate on what could be the best planning and architectural instruments to regulate urban heat. The academia participated in these discussions and appreciated CSE’s research for its timely relevance.