Online Certificate Training Programme: 'New Vaastu': Designing Sustainable Habitats In A Post-Pandemic World

The School of Habitat under Anil Agarwal Environment Training Institute, a Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) initiative, is announcing a new online training programme on the practices of what it refers to as the ‘New Vaastu’ – a concept that is designed to respond to the twin challenges of sustainable development and the COVID pandemic. 

The training programme will introduce participants to the ancient Indian traditional practices of Vastu Shastra to the modern codes that regulate the current built environment and explore the synergies/science between the past and their relevance and learnings to the current times. It will emphasize the interdependent roles the natural elements play as enablers of a sustainable and liveable environment as well as catalyst to reduce disease burden in our buildings.

What will the training programme cover:

  • Sustainability Development Goals & environmental governance for built sector
  • Exploring sustainability through traditional principles
  • Planning and design amidst the new normal of COVID-19
  • Energy Conservation Building Codes (Commercial & Residential)
  • India Cooling Action Plan, Urban Heat Island Effect and Thermal Comfort
  • Building envelope, daylighting components, fenestration design, material properties and their market penetration.
  • Resource prudent designing for circularity (water, waste, energy efficiency, renewable)
  • Introduction to building simulation & low-energy mechanical cooling techniques  

Training Coordinator: 

Sugeet Grover,

deputy programme manager,
Sustainable Buildings and Habitat Programme,
CSE, New Delhi
Ph: 91-011-2464 5334 / 5335 (Ext 112)
Mobile: 9818443366

Course Director:

Rajneesh Sareen,
programme director,
Sustainable Buildings and Habitat Programme,
CSE, New Delhi



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Who can apply?
Students pursuing architecture, planning and engineering, architects, academicians, professionals from the building industry and anyone enthusiastic to learn about sustainable built environment
Training Fee
Rs. 3,000 per participant (For applicants from India)
Partial sponsorships, early bird (Registrations before July 31) and group discounts available.

USD 100 (For applicants from countries other than India)
How will the training be imparted?
Conducted online on Moodle and Zoom platforms through recorded video lectures, live lectures, exercises, reading materials and other resources.