Online training on "Preparation of Shit Flow Diagram (SFD)"

Date:  July 27-29, 2020

Time: 14:00 - 18:00 hrs (IST)

Duration: 4 hours

Water Programme, CSE India conducted an “Online cum Virtual Training Programme on the preparation of SFD”. As a part of SFD Promotion Initiative Phase 3, CSE is supposed to develop sizable number of SFDs in India, South Asia and Africa. This is an extended opportunity to participants who have attended the basic online course on Shit Flow Diagram, 2020, to develop the SFD for the target cities in India, South Asia and Africa.

The aim of this training was to develop the skills of practitioners on collecting and analysing data and using graphic generator to produce Shit Flow Diagram along with a report for advocacy to achieve improved urban sanitation programming at city-wide scale.

In total, 24 participants from India, Ghana & Bangladesh had enrolled in this training programme. The 3 days training were divided into various sessions through presentations, quizzes, discussion, reflection session and breakout rooms. The approach used for this training was peer-to-peer learning in groups of 3 through virtual breakout rooms. Group 1 was led by Rahul Mankotia, Group 2 by Praveen Chature and Group 3 by Bhitush Luthra; being the key trainers.

Dr Suresh Kumar Rohilla, Sr. Director, Water Programme and as a Training Director kickstarted the online training with the welcome note to the participants and introduction to the training.

Day 1 training started with an interesting quiz to know the participants knowledge on SFDs and then session started on how to read SFD graphic by Bhitush Luthra. The objective was to learn how to read and comprehend the SFD graphic and to understand the data required and mapping potential sources. This was followed by breakout session on one of the selected SFD case study and groups presented their findings for the same

Day 2 training started with quiz on SFD terms & variables by Bitush Luthra. This was followed by training session on data collection and analysis by Rahul Mankotia.  The objective was to get acquainted with the methodology of data collection. As a part of breakout session, groups were made to list out the data requirements and type of stakeholders involved for mapping sanitation scenario in the city. Day 2 ended with session on how to generate SFD graphic on SUSANA platform by Praveen Chature

Last day started with reflection session of day 2. The objective was to understand how to use the SFD graphic generator for the preparation of the SFD and to prepare the SFD Lite Report. Each group presented the SFD of ‘X’ city with the provided data. The day 3 ended with Q&A session

All three days were filled with excitement. The training started with the participants having the basic theoretical understanding on preparation of SFD and towards the end of the training, the participants were well equipped with necessary skills, knowledge and tools in order to prepare the SFD of their target city. The next step is to prepare the SFD for the target cities in India, Ghana and Bangladesh in the month of August.

For further information and details contact: 

Training Co-ordinator

Praveen Chature 
Programme Manager
Urban Water-Waste Management,
Centre for Science and Environment, India

Training Director

Dr Suresh Kumar Rohilla
Senior Director & Academic Director, School of Water and Waste
Centre for Science and Environment
New Delhi, India