Online Training Programme on Preparation of Shit Flow Diagram (SFD)

Shit Flow Diagram (SFD) or Excreta Flow Diagram offers a new and innovative way to engage sanitation experts, political leaders and civil society in coordinated discussions on identification of areas for intervention across sanitation service chain in cities. It is a pictorial representation of city’s fate of excreta. It summarizes complex sanitation information into an easy-to-understand graphic, as it simply shows how excreta is or is not contained along the sanitation service chain. Taking forward the feedback received in the past, CSE - School of Water and Waste (SWW) organizing this 2 weeks long online training which will be delivered in a mix method approach consisting self-read material as well as virtual sessions. For more details on SFD and the SFD promotion initiative visit SuSaNa Website (

To sensitise and equip practitioners in preparing the Shit Flow Diagram (SFD) and using it for preparing city-wide sanitation strategies.

Training Highlights  
Part A: Context-setting and Introduction
(Online Platform – 8 hours) July 11 – 17, 2023
  • Setting the context and understanding need for SFD
  • What is an SFD (Graphic and Report)
  • How to read an SFD with the help of case studies
  • Evolution of SFDs and various application of SFDs

Part B: Action learning
(Virtual Sessions – 2 hours/day) July 18 - 21, 2023

  • Methodology of Data Collection and Analysis; preparation of SFD Graphic and SFD Lite Report
  • Demonstration of SFD Graphic Generator Tool and SFD PI
  • Process of SFD Report preparation incl. peer-review

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about SFD tool (graphic and report) and the history of their development
  • Understand the need for a standardized methodology for SFD preparation
  • Hands on experience on preparing an SFD
  • Step by step guidance and technical support for preparing an SFD and publishing it on SuSanA global database

For more information, kindly contact:

Training Director

Mr. Depinder Singh Kapur
Director, Water Programme, CSE

Training Coordinator

Mr. Jyoti Parsad Dadhich
Deputy Programme Manager
Water Programme, CSE
Mob.: +91 8559838864






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Training Fee
Rs. 3,500 for Indian participants
US $75 for Overseas participants
Early bird entries (till June 15th) and a group of more than three participants in each batch can avail a discount of 25 per cent. (Applicable for all participants)
Note: No training fees are applicable to nominated government officials (All nominated officials are expected to attend all the sessions)
Target Audience
• Managers, regulators, officials of water and wastewater utilities; Mid-to-senior level technicians working in NGOs, statutory bodies, government agencies and private sector.
• Individual practitioners/ consultants, researchers, academia with prior basic knowledge or relevant experience working in water and sanitation sector
Benefits of Participation
• Training participation/ completion certificate
• One-year free subscription to Down To Earth magazine after training completion
• Top 3 participants will be given preference to CSEs fellowship programme for attending residential training at AAETI Campus, Nimli, Rajasthan (India).
• Join a global network of practitioners of the School of Water and Waste