Orientation Workshop on Sustainable Building Approaches and Practices

October 25, 2016


This report gives the proceedings of the orientation workshop on sustainable building approaches and practices held in Hyderabad on October 25, 20016.

Objectives of the event

Workshop is a part of CSE regional sensitization and engagement of educators; researchers; practicing planners, architects, engineers and other building professionals on subjects like sustainable and efficient building, furthering sustainable habitat movement to reduce the impacts of planned infrastructures in built environment, workshop aims at strengthening curriculum on sustainable habitat for built professionals in the country.

The Participants

This was a gathering of selected 70 odd professionals from building sector and faculties from architecture institutions in southern India like Vaishanavi school of architecture and planning, Hyderabad; Ashoka school of planning and architecture, Hyderabad; Gopalan school of architecture and planning, Bangalore;  GITAM school of architecture, Vishakapatnam; Talent school of architecture, Edappal, Kerala; School of architecture, VIT University, Vellore; etc.

Session 1: Inaugural Session

Mr. Inderjit Ahuja, Deputy Programme Manager, CSE, started with opening remarks and welcomed all the participants.

Anumita Roy Chowdhury, Executive Director CSE speaking during Inaugural Session

Ms. Anumita Roy Chowdhury, Executive Director, CSE introduced the purpose of the event and she gave a brief description by giving thematic overview of sustainability and green buildings, ideas about sustainability and concepts of green buildings. Through her presentation she provided an overview of issues concerning urbanization, building construction and energy use with a special focus on developmental challenges in building sectors. She highlighted the fact that the India has still to build 70 per cent of its building stock which will be there in 2030. Pointing out that we have great opportunity to develop differently and be more sustainable.

Rajneesh Sareen, Programme Director CSE speaking during Inaugural Session

Mr. Rajneesh Sareen, Programme Director, Sustainable buildings and Habitat programme CSE, stressed further by highlighting fundamental lacuna in sustainable built sense with regard to understanding green, performance benchmarking for green and right institutionalization for green he introduced CSE initiatives under various thematic areas of built environment and later provided an introduction to CSE sustainability benchmarking with special focus on operational benchmarking of built infrastructure.


Session 2: Climate responsive and water sensitive building design

Mr. Mukund H Datye, Architect presenting during technical session

This session started with a technical presentation by Mr. Mukund Hari Datye, Architect, Nasik, Maharashtra. His presentation provided insightful information on the sun responsive architecture, wherein a practical hands-on solar calculation was worked out for Hyderabad city.

Mr. Yusuf Turab, Y T Enterprises presenting during technical session

Mr. Yusuf Turab, Managing Director; Y T Enterprises has provided an overview to designing of Decentralized Waste Water Treatment (DWWT) (a highly promoted CSE initiative  on decentralized waste treatment technologies) and quick cost/area estimation techniques.


Dr. BVV Reddy, Professor, IISc Bangalore presenting during technical session

Dr. BVV Reddy, Professor, IISc Bangalore, presented on embodied energy in building materials, he highlighted the importance of subject by ranking it in comparison to operational energy and later stressed up on life cycle analysis, finally he concluded by stressing on recycle materials by incorporating various design and material approaches. 

Session 3: Design and resource efficiency in buildings

Dr. Vishal Garg, Associate professor, IIIT Hyderabad presenting during technical session

This session started with a technical presentation by Dr. Vishal Garg, Associate professor, IIIT, Hyderabad on energy efficiency in design and operations including designing net zero buildings through integrated design approach. He also recommended ways to strengthen the curriculum.

CSE screened a documentary series “New Vaastu” with Architect Ashok B Lall. The series is serves as a “Do it yourself” manual where Lall demystifies building science for lay persons and gives tips on how to improve comfort and sustainability of one’s home cost effectively.

The workshop ended with open forum session that reflects upon professionals and educators views on adoption of sustainable courses in to the architectural curriculum

Way Forward

Open forum which paves the way forward was mostly debated around the following two questions:

  • Is curriculum designed adequately to take on challenge of sustainable building. If not, then what changes / reforms required to cater?
  • Barrier to green building strategies. What should change to cater larger sustainability concerns in buildings?

Think tank present concluded that there is lot of pratical science which exists in market through experts which should reach out to universities and colleges especially handson in the field of measurements, efficiencies, automation/simulation and so on, CSE should play a major role in bridging this gap by bringing the two streams together under one umbrella through specialised training courses around these subjects and investing in practical labs/field exercises wherein such technologies could be showcased and worked at.

Integrated building design covering all cross cutting teams is a important need for better design and operations (with spcial focus on built diagonistics), CSE should pave way as an achor point for all such exchanges wherein from design to operations are discussed at common platform. 

CSE working with associations of built environment e.g.  Council of Architecture etc needs to strenghten around trainings, bye laws and energy code and other benchmarking works.



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