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Workshop Programme
Presentations Day 2
Chemical Body Burden Can we keep a check?

By: Chandra Bhushan

Antibiotics in Honey(CSE Study)

By: Amit Khurana

Antibiotic Residues in Milk: A public Health Concern

By: Chand Ram Grover and Bhavadasan, M.K,

Antibiotic Resistance: A Challenge to Public Health in India

By: Ramanan Laxminarayan

Food Standards, Consumer Expectations and Confidence: Challenges Ahead

By: Prof. Sri Ram Khanna

National Chemical Management Profile

By Dr. D.D. Basu

Street Food Vendors

By: Arbind Singh

Promotion and Certification of Organic Farming

By: Dr. Krishan Chandra

Biomarker and Body Burden

By: Dr.Tapan Chakrabarti

Body Burden of Toxicants

By: K.C. Gupta

Impediments in Organic Agriculture & Organic products

By: Rajashekar Reddy

Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) and its mainstreaming

By: Miguel Braganza

Learning from Experiences of Non Pesticidal Management in Andhra Pradesh

By: Ramanjaneyulu

Why Organic?

By: Latha Jishnu

Presentations Day 1
CSE’s Pollution Monitoring Laboratory: Achievements and Challenges

By: Sunita Narain

State of Pesticide Regulations in India

By: Chandra Bhushan

Pesticides in Food Commodities and Health Impact

By: Dr. J. Padmaja Rambabu,

Junk Food Advertisement targeted towards Children

By: Sharad Vadehra

Agricultural contaminants: Farm Practices in Pesticide use

By: Dr. P. Indira Devi

Regulation of Pesticides in India

By: Kavitha Kuruganti

Conference on food safety and Environmental toxins

By: Jaya kumar

Junk Food & Obesity in Children: Opting to go under the knife

By: Dr Ramen Goel

Struggle against Corporate Environmental Crime and Complicity of Government Scientific Bodies in Bhopal

By: Satinath Sarangi

CSE’S STUDY ON JUNK FOOD Why we should worry about food we love to eat?

By: Avimuktesh

Media Clippings

HT: New Delhi, Feb 26, 2013

'9% kids below 14 morbidly obese'

Deccan Chronicle: Feb. 21, 2013

Food safety norms weak: Experts

Nature: Feb. 21, 2013

Of pesticides and fertilisers

Central Chronicle: New Delhi, Feb. 2013

Need to check junk food menace
CSE Lab studies
Junk Food