Playing a role in developing India’s national policy on Faecal Sludge and Septage Management (FSSM)

CSE facilitated development of rapid assessment tool to calculate budgetary requirement for FSSM, which was to be tested in 131 flagship cities. This tool was later on taken up by AMRUT, to calculate budgets for FSSM in 500 cities of India.

SFD (Shit Flow Diagram), a graphic showing flow of excreta in a city, has turned out to be good advocacy tool to orient the urban sanitation programming towards non sewered solutions like FSSM. CSE has demonstrated that sanitation planning done based on participatory approach along with use of innovative tools like SFDs result in a sustainable and implementable City Sanitation Plan.

Due to successful delivery of the first online course on FSM in India, CSE is also included in UNESCO-IHE’s portfolio of partner institutions for delivering short term courses on non-sewered sanitation.