Presentations March 5, 2010

National Research Conference on Climate Change


Changing predictability of monsoon weatherand monsoon ISOs in a warming environment
Prof. BN Goswami IITM, Pune

Understanding Changes in Snow and Glaciers Melt Runoff
Dr. Anil V Kulkarni ISRO, Ahmedabad

Tree-ring: A proxy record for climate study – An assessment in Indian context

Dr. Santosh K.Shah, Dr.A Bhattacharyya

Paleoceanographic response of monsoonal variations in the northwestern Arabian Sea during Late Quaternary: Faunal and sedimentologic record

Ajay Kumar Rai 

Impact of climate change on hard corals of Lakshadweep islands

Dr.S. Masood Ahmad 

Effect of Climate change on Energy demand: Case study of  Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay (IIT-B).

Gokul Iyer

Urban mobility in an era of global warming
Prof. Dinesh Mohan, IIT, Delhi

Impact on Public Health of Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Urban Land Transport
Dr. Geetam Tiwari IIT, Delhi

Energy Scenarios and Pathways for India
Aashish Gupta

Emissions Intensity and Climate Change
Tejal Kanitkar


Integrated Framework for Scenario Generation for Effective Adaptation

Prof. A K Gosain, IIT, Delhi Integrated Framework for Scenario Generation for Effective Adaptation


Challenges of research in adaptation
Dr. Jyothi Parikh, Integrated Research and Action for Development (IRADe)

Vulnerability Assessment of People, Livelihood and Ecosystem in the Ganga Basin in the context of climate

Divya Mohan and Shirish Sinha

Redefining Groundwater Governance by factoring climate vulnerability: Case of New Delhi, India

Ananda Vadivelu and Shaily Kedia


Strengthening Adaptive Capability of Farmers to Climate Variability and Change: Impacts of North Gujarat Groundwater Management Programme
Dinesh Kumar



Aerosols: Integrating an understanding of source-receptor relationships with climate forcing on regional scales
Prof. Chandra Venkatraman IIT, Mumbai


Measurement and Analysis of Toxic Metals Concentrations Influencing Continental Atmosphere
Dr. Tarun Gupta


Cloud aerosol interactions: Aircraft and high altitude site measurements
Dr. G. Pandithurai


Aerosol chemistry and climate change and public health at an IndoGangetic plain in India
Dr. Ranjit Kumar


Dynamics of trace gases at low level planetary boundary layer observed at Cape Rama, west coast of India
D. V. Borole


Can we trust the Ocean-Atmosphere coupled models to predict future climate accurately?

Prof. J Srinivasan IISc, Bangalore

Climate Modeling of Geoengineering Schemes

Dr. G Bala IISc, Bangalore

Effect of climate change on India's Monsoonal Climate

Dr. Krishna Kumar, IITM, Pune

Significance of Anthropogenic Radiative Forcings in Simulation of Temporal Pattern of Surface Air Temperature
in Monsoon Climate
Ajay Singh and Anand Patwardhan

Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events Mortality in India

Rais Akhtar


Climate Change and Forests in India; State of science and research needs
Prof. N.H Ravindaranath IISc, Bangalore


Methane and Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Agriculture: A Developing Country Perspective
M S Umesh Babu

CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS): Relevance for India

Anand B. Rao


Prospects of Coalbed Methane and Coal Mine Methane in India
Ajay Kumar Singh

Emerging Opportunities to Capitalize on Co-benefits of Urban Pollution and Global Climate Policy

Dr. Sarath Guttikunda, Delhi



A Framework for Adapting Indian Agriculture to Global Climate Change
Dr. P.K Agarwal, IARI, Delhi


Towards Effective Climate Adaptation Issues and Research Priorities
Dr. K.S. Kavi Kumar, Madras School of Economics

Sea Level Rise and Migration as Adaptation

Sujatha Byravan