PRESS INVITE: CSE Media Briefing Workshop Environmental remediation in and around the Union Carbide factory in Bhopal

Hotel Lake View Ashok, Shamla Hills, Bhopal

  • Massive contamination in and around the factory, building up for three decades

  • CSE analyses all existing studies. Brings together all stakeholders to find a way out

From 1984, ever since the Union Carbide factory in Bhopal shut shop after the world’s worst industrial disaster, tonnes of extremely poisonous wastes have been lying around in the abandoned plant. Contaminating groundwater and soil in and around the factory. 

CSE has analysed the findings of 15 studies done by various organisations, and found almost all of them pointing towards strong evidence of large-scale contamination.

We invite you to a two-day media briefing on the issues of this contamination and its clean-up -- current state of contamination, immediate and long-term measures to prevent its spread, gaps in previous studies, remediation of the contamination, disposal of toxic chemical waste, remediation of plantmachinery and the fate of the site.

This media briefing follows the first ever meeting of all the stakeholders, held by CSE in New Delhi in April, which was attended by experts from institutes which have conducted the studies, the Central Pollution Control Board, hazardous waste management companies, and the affected community from Bhopal.

On July 6, CSE will organise a field trip to the UCIL factory site for the participants of the media briefing.

  • To attend the briefing or to know more about it, please get in touch with Souparno Banerjee at / 09910864339.
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