Promoting Renewable Energy in Tanzania

On October 8, 2019 the Centre for Science and Environment gathered relevant stakeholders for a roundtable discussion in Dar es Salaam to discuss measures that could invigorate the renewable energy industry in Tanzania.

Renewable energy is garnering considerable interest in Tanzania, with government turning to it for energy access and energy security reasons. Unfortunately, as a new industry, it is facing some teething troubles. The first auctions for large-scale projects have not yielded results despite the request for qualifications released in September, 2018. Moreover, the high-risk perception of investmentsraises questions about the viability of winning projects. Simultaneously the relatively significant mini-grid sector is struggling to balance the low tariffs and the high cost of system. The facility of incentives has proven to be insufficient to bridge the aforementioned gap.To overcome these hindrances, the renewable energy industry requires supportive measures that it can use to capitalize on the momentum and falling costs the global industry has witnessed.

After thorough research and based on examples from across the globe, CSE developed a comprehensive policy document that listed measures that could possibly be adopted by the Ministry of Energy, EWURA (primary regulator) and TANESCO (primary utility).

At the roundtable meeting, CSE presented its slew of suggestions on policy, regulatory and institutional interventions; followed by presentations by experts from EWURA, TANESCO, USAID and TAREA who were charged with providing a regional perspective. Each of the presentations were followed by lively discussions where the presented ideas were thrashed out and improved. More importantly, there was a consensus on developing a facilitative ecosystem for renewable energy adoption.

Following the round table meeting, CSE held high-level meetings with the Ministry of Energy, EWURA and TANESCO where we presented our suggestions. Our suggestions were heeded and government representatives showed interest in our research and capacity building abilities.

High level meetings– Government Stakeholders

  1. Ministry of Energy
    1. Innocent Luogo - Acting Commissioner (Electricity and Renewable Energy) and Assistant Commissioner (Electricity)
    2. Edward Ishengoma - Assistant Commissioner (Renewable Energy)
    3. EmillianNyanda
    4. Lusajo K. Mwakaliku – Acting Assistant Director of Monitoring and Evaluation
    5. Joyce Msangi – Acting Assistant Commissioner (Renewable Energy)
    6. Cosmas L Kigully – Enginner (Renewable Energy)
  2. Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO)
    1. Raymond Seya – Deputy Managing Director – Distribution and Customers
    2. Stephen Manda – Project Coordinator
    3. Fokas Daniel – Manager Strategic Planning
    4. Anita – Manager Investment
  3. Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Agency (EWURA)
    1. NemesMassawe – Manager Electricity Transmission and Distribution
    2. HawaLweno– Assistant Director General
  4. Rural Energy Agency (REA)
    1. Mr Elineema Mkumbo – DirectorMarketing Development and Technologies 

Individual meetings - NGOs/ industry groups

  1. TaTEDO
  2. TAREA
  3. CAN Tanzania