Rainwater havesting in GSP Gold Schools

March 28, 2016

CSE’s Green Schools Programme (GSP) is a learningprogramme for schools that seeks to foster environmentaleducation by moving beyond textbooks and concentratingon ‘doing’ activities. It helps schools audit their resourceconsumption and provides them with the methodology tocarry out activities as environmental managers and plug gapsthat are identified through the audit. Schools that submit theaudit are rated and certified based on their contribution to theenvironment.

It is clear that our lifestyles impacts the environment. What wedo and how we do it make the crucial difference. This is whythe first task of being the change is to become aware of whatwe do—monitor how much water and energy we use andwaste we generate. Only then can we transform our ways touse and waste as little as possible. ‘Tread lightly on earth’ hasto be our motto. The Green Schools Programme helps schoolsbring about this change on their premises.

‘Catalysing Sustainability Principles and Practices in Education’,a GSP Gold model project, has been launched, to begin with, inDelhi. It is an exclusive engagement with ten selected schoolsin Delhi and the NCR to bring about change and sustain greeninitiatives. Guidance on infrastructure and best environmentalpractices are provided to the schools to help them transition toa greener tomorrow.


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