Roundtable Dialogue: Plugging the Linkages in Sanitation Value Chain

Date: October 15, 2019  
Venue: Local Bodies Directorate Office, Gomti Nagar Extension, Lucknow (TBC) 


Under various Central and State Govt. programmes a lot of work has been planned and being implemented in the Water and Sanitation Sector in Uttar Pradesh. However most of the work is aimed towards building infrastructure projects. A holistic approach is needed to address the many cross-cutting issues which are linked with Sanitation and Public Health.

A collaborative effort is needed between allthe actors in this space which include: Government departments,private companies providing the technology and the services business and the private sector; civil society, local and international NGOs; donors, as well as academia and most importantly, the households themselves.

In Uttar Pradesh, a number of Development Partners, NGOs and CBOs are working in the state on different cross-cutting areas of City-Wide Inclusive Sanitation which include issue relating to Gender, Urban Poor, Health & Safety of Sanitation Workers,Urban planning,Social Transformation, developing new sanitation technologies, developing sustainable business model, piloting new interventions and Re-use options etc.

Local actors need to acknowledge shared responsibilities and work collaboratively for providing urban sanitation to all. This round-table meeting aims to bring all the development partners together to a common platform to discuss and deliberate about their goals and objectives and how other partners can play a supportive role towardsachieving a common goal.


  • To build an alliance among different development partners, NGOs, CBOs working in the State.
  • To understand the challenges and the support needed by various development partners working in Uttar Pradesh.
  • Sensitization and feedback on various principles for achieving ‘Water and Sanitation for All’ and their application in Uttar Pradesh context.
  • Formation of a State Alliance of Development Partners for ‘Water and Sanitation for All’.
  • Formation of a State-Level Urban Development Task Force with Think-Tank Groups related to various subject areas.

Target Participants:

  • Chairperson: Secretary,Department of Urban Development (Uttar Pradesh).
  • Representative from NGOs and other organisation
  • Multilateral Agencies.
  • Development Sector PMUs working in U.P.
  • Representatives from Urban Local Bodies.

Brief Itinerary for the event

14:30 hrs – 14:45 hrs: Welcome and Introduction – by the Chair

14:45 hrs – 15:00 hrs: Setting the context (CSE) Introduction to ‘Water and Sanitation for All’

15:00 hrs – 15:30 hrs: Presentations from different Development Partners working in the State

15:30 hrs – 16:00 hrs: Discussion on Cross-cutting issues in ‘Water and Sanitation for All’

16:00 hrs – Tea Break

16:15 hrs – 16:45 hrs Roundtable debate:Knowledge sharing or discussion among the partners regarding the challenges, opportunities and successful intervention being done towards ‘Water and Sanitation for All’

16:45 hrs – 17:00 hrs: Agenda / ActionPlan for Way-forward towards building an Alliance for a collaborative effort towards ‘Water and Sanitation for All’.