Run for a cause: The Delhi Quarterathon

Denounce junk food. Support the cause of public health.

It may be the ‘in’ thing, but junk food isn’t the best thing for you – as a study by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) indicates. High in transfats, salt and sugar, junk food gives no nutrition. In fact, getting addicted to it is making the young vulnerable to HYPERTENSION, HEART DISEASES, DIABETES and OBESITY. And many of our schools, where canteens are peddling junk food like there was no tomorrow, can very well do without them.

CSE has launched a campaign to get junk food out of our systems, and especially out of our schools. Do come forward and give us a hand.

All you have to do is RUN FOR US. Join us in the Delhi Quarterthon, which CSE is helping organize, to give the campaign a kick-start. And help us raise funds for the campaign.

What do you have to do
The Quarterathon is open to all amateur runners, and everybody who believes in doing her/his bit for this cause. 

If you are a school/college student, download the registration form and mail it to undersigned after filling in it. Others can log on to the website of KyaZoonga, the sports ticketing platform associated with the event, for registration.

We are inviting individuals to help us raise funds by requesting donations from their families and friends. The funds raised by you will help us take our campaign to those schools in India which are still allowing the sale and purchase of junk food on their premises. 

Once you decide to run for us, pease ? make a pledge of certain amount you want to raise. Don't worry! You are noy bound to somehow raise that amount. Just make an effort for it. It's easy. Follow three simple steps to fulfil your pledge.

Start with Emails

  •  Write to all your friends and family members requesting for donations
  •  Briefly mention why you support the cause and ask them to check your webpage
  •  Don’t forget to provide the link of your  webpage 


  •   Follow up with a call or sms to those you have emailed the link to
  •   Ask them to spread the word by sharing the link with their friends
  •   Tell them they can call at 4302 3999 so that they can arrange for a cash/cheque pick-up from home

Thank Donors!

  •   Got donations? 
  •   Post your page link on Facebook & tag your donors with a personal “Thank  You” message
  •   This will encourage others on Facebook to contribute
What do you get
  •  An opportunity to contribute to a cause which is now a burning health issue across the world
  •  You get to take a CSE t-shirt home -- our small token of appreciation for your efforts

When: October 14, 2012

Where: Maruti Suzuki Building, Near Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi




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Run for a cause: The Delhi Quarterthon

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