Sanitary Waste Management in India

CSE organized a webinar to e-release its report- “Sanitary Waste  Management in India”. Several sources from the government, relevant literature and cities were accessed and analysed to develop the report. Sector specialists like waste management practitioners, officials from the State and Central Government, Central Pollution Control Board and researchers on sanitary waste management were invited as guest speakers for the webinar.

The session started with a welcome note by Mr. Atin Biswas, Director- Municipal Solid Waste Management (MSW)unit at CSE. He thanked everyone for the overwhelming participation from all the stakeholders, including academia, industry, civil society, and government agencies. He shared with all the panellists and participants the challenges associated with current sanitary waste management practices and how to address them for efficient and effective sanitary waste management system.

Ms. Shailshree Tewari,Programme officer, CSE, presented the key findings of the report, which set the context for the panel discussion. 

Key findings of the report:

  • The scenario of sanitary waste management in India.
  • Major legal framework for sanitary waste in India.
  • Existing scenario of sanitary waste disposal practicesin India.
  • Key challenges associated with centralised and decentralized sanitary waste management in India.
  • Strategies and approaches to assure the efficient and effective sanitary waste management system in India. 

The session was followed by presentations and discussion from each of the Panellists: 

  1. Youthika Puri- Senior Environmental Engineer, Central Pollution Control Board.
  2. Ashish Rokade- Solid Waste Management Co-ordinator, Karad Municipal Council, Maharashtra.
  3. Harshad Barde- Director, SWaCH, Pune
  4. Rani Shivsharan- Waste Picker and Board Member, SWaCH Cooperative Pune
  5. Amogh Bhongale- In Charge, Outreach and Communication, SWaCH Cooperative Pune.
  6. Jaydeep Mandal- Founder, Aakar Innovations, Maharashtra. 

The discussion was then followed by a targeted round of questions and answers moderated by Shailshree Tewari, Programme officer, MSW unit, CSE.In the last session, relevant questions from the participants were directed towards the panellists. 

The Programme Director, MSW Unit, CSE, concluded the webinar with a concluding remark and thanked all the panellists and participants for being a part of the webinar. 

For further details:

Shailshree Tewari
Programme Officer-SWM, CSE,



Webinar recording
Release of the Report & Discussion on Key Findings
By: Shailshree Tewari
Programme Officer (MSW)
Sanitary Waste Management in India: Challenges and Agenda
Senior Environmental Engineer,
Central Pollution Control Board
Chief Officer
Karad Municipal Council, Maharashtra
SWaCH Pune
Aakar Innovations, Maharashtra
Programme Director,
Solid Waste Management Unit,
Programme OfficerSWM
Centre for Science and Environment