Seeking solutions to air pollution, congestion, and Climate: the role of transportation and mobility

CSE organised a roundtable discussion on “Transport and climate: building an agenda for action” along with the Global Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport in New Delhi on November 18, 2009. This brought together experts, policy makers, and civil society groups to discuss the climate imperatives of the transportation sector.

The Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport is a multi-stakeholder membership representing development organizations, intergovernmental organizations, governmental organizations, NGOs, private sector, and academe. This is hosted by agencies including UN-DESA and the Asian Development Bank.  Its aim is to provide opportunities for coordination and cooperation among organizations working on sustainable, low carbon transport to combat climate change. CSE is a member of this Partnership.

The roundtable stimulated debate on the role of the transportation in climate mitigation and imperatives and opportunities of the developing regions. Solutions to this problem can emerge from a deeper understanding of the diversity of issues and of local mobility imperatives in the region.