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Global Stocktake

The architecture of the Paris Agreement is a hybrid and provides for both bottom-up and top-down elements. While it can be argued that the Agreement predominantly comprises bottom-up elements, marked by countries choosing their own country-specific climate action plans and targets, there are also topdown mechanisms to consolidate and strengthen the implementation of the Agreement.


Not As Cool

Centre for Science and Environment has carried out this study to know how energy efficiency of room air conditioners (RAC) perform when outside ambient temperature is variable and high.

BONN - What is on the agenda?

The upcoming climate change inter-sessional at Bonn will take place from May 14-25. Following the decisions agreed to at CoP-17 in Durban, one more track, Ad hoc working group on the Durban Platform for enhanced action (ADP) will be added to the four existing tracks – Ad hoc working groups on Kyoto Protocol (AWG-KP) and Long-term cooperative Action (AWG-LCA) and the subsidiary bodies (SBSTA, SBI). Under this new track, deliberations for the work plan on a future protocol post-2020 and the means to increase ambition will be carried out.

Fossil Fuel Suicide Why fossil fools will cost us the Earth

November 17, 2000 The Kyoto Protocol will be a disaster of bigger proportions if it subsidises carbon-based energy through CDM.  The world will then not achieve safe concentration levels until the end of the century. The world needs investments in R&D  and policy changes  that drive down fossil fuel subsidies in the North and the South Even a focus on energy efficiency will not work (see below)