Shit Flow Diagram (SFD), Bongaon

A Sanitation (or Shit) Flow Diagram presents a clear picture of how excreta flows are managed within the city. The diagram clearly depicts how excreta flows from user interface to the final disposal. It has the following stages:

➣ The most prevalent containment system is pit system (single & double chambered) constructed using concrete or mud rings measuring a diameter of 2.5ft to 3ft and a depth of 8ft to 40ft. Size and no. of rings installed are based on the space and affordibility of households. The average depth of pits is 8ft to 40ft. 
➣ Bongaon does not have any sewerage system existing within the city. 
➣ The municipality claims that strict action is taken against the household, whose septic tank is not connected to soak pit and the effluent from the outlet is directly discharged into an open drain. 
➣ Due to no clear differenciation between the volume of the effluent and solid FS generated from the containment, it is assumed to be 50% each to reduce maximum error.

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