Shit Flow Diagram (SFD), Gangaghat

A Sanitation (or Shit) Flow Diagram presents a clear picture of how excreta flows are managed within the city. The diagram clearly depicts how excreta flows from user interface to the final disposal. It has the following stages:

➣ The city has no underground drainage network, but a DPR for UGD has been prepared by the Jal Nigam, Uttar Pradesh for the city
➣ Types of containment systems observed in the city:
➣ Containment systems of 74% population in the city is connected to septic tanks. Of this 74%, 2% septic tanks are connected to soak pit, 70% septic tanks are connected to open drain and 2% septic tanks are connected to the riparian of Ganga. 6% population is dependent on lined tanks with impermeable walls and open bottom connected to an open drain
➣ The septic tanks are actually rudimentary design of septic tanks without adhering to BIS standards
➣ 14% population practice open defecation. As per the survey, it was observed that such practice is being performed mostly near the river or at the river bed

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