Shit Flow Diagram (SFD), Ramnagar

A Sanitation (or Shit) Flow Diagram presents a clear picture of how excreta flows are managed within the city. The diagram clearly depicts how excreta flows from user interface to the final disposal. It has the following stages:

➣ The city has coverage of 70% households connected to sewer line (Census, 2011), which covers 20 wards 
➣ Households in the city other than those connected to sewers are majorly dependent on 2 chambered or 3 chambered septic tanks or pit latrines 
➣ The size of the septic tanks and pits are based on the space availability and affordability of the households.
➣ Due to no standardization being followed while constructing the containment system, few households have constructed septic tank large in capacity irrespective of household size with the general perception of emptying the septic tanks only after an interval of 15-20 years

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