Soft-commissioning of Co-treatment of Faecal Sludge at 24 MLD Sewage Treatment Plant Bijnor

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE)-TSU Bijnor is delighted to share that we have successfully completed the testing of the 20 KLD Co-treatment Unit made at 24 MLD Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) Bijnor. This unit is first of its kind project which is completely funded by National Mission for Clean Ganga NMCG. It is an advanced step on ladder of Faecal Sludge and Septage Management (FSSM) in CSE`s partnership with Bijnor Nagar PalikaParishad.  On 18th April 2022 theimplementing agency initiated a one month trial run of the newly built co-treatment module at 24 MLD STP Bijnor. To ensure the regular decanting of the emptied Faecal Sludge (FS) at the treatment site TSU facilitated a meeting between all the private desludgers of Bijnor city with the ULB.

Guidelines on safe emptying by the usage of protective gears to were given to desludgers. Mr Vikas Kumar, Executive officer of Bijnor Municipality introduced prize money to the top three decanters of the month after the advisory given by CSE-TSU.

The step is seen to be working currently which can be seen in form of improved regular decanting at the co-treatment site (average of two tanks daily). A register is being maintained at the site by ULB to keep a record of a number of decanting. Apart from this#CSE-TSU has advised all the desludgers to upload their daily emptying and decanting pictures on a regular basis on the WhatsApp group of Bijnor Septic tank cleaners where EO and Sanitation Inspectors can also watch.

Now all the faecal sludge that will be emptied in Bijnor and a few nearby ULBs would be discharged to the co-treatment unit which will go through treatment through solid-liquid separation at sludge drying beds.



Poster Bijnor Co-treatment project
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Register maintained at co-treatment site