Stocktaking by CoP18 President, December 7, 2012

Draft texts made, remade and re-remade: No consensus in sight

COP President
We can see the contours of a balanced package. It is clearly within reach. I understand every party may not be fully satisfied with the outcome. But I'd like you to not see things in isolation. Please consider for overall balance.

Facilitators/Ministers/Co-chairs speak

Many stated progress and direction. But there is still more work to do. We aim to continue to our work. We need a new text, which we are drafting. We must limit to the central and most important concerns for a balanced package.

We have conducted consultations with groups. There remain big differences between parties. We have now revised the draft text. Second round of consultation will happen and we will present the report by 5 pm this evening.

We spent most of yesterday carrying bilateral meetings. We tried to find different landing ground. We worked through the night to revise the pieces of text. We aim to reach a balanced-compromise across issues.

There are two sticking points under ADP. Reference to Rio+20 in the draft text is being opposed and greater clarity required on 2020 ambitions. Ministerial consultations may be called for the larger scheme of things and we intend to work on draft text after this.  

Loss and Damage:

We have completed consultations. None of the options for institutional arrangements on the table were accepted as starting points. We have developed a compromise text. Groups are engaging with it.

Composition of advisory body of Climate Technology Centre and Network:
We have arrived at an agreement.

Reporting guidelines:
We are pleased to report that parties reached agreement on reporting in common tabular format. Hope it's a positive indication.

I never make mistake in choosing facilitators. Congratulations, ministers.

Groups speak:

G77 and China

G77 and China are engaging with ministers. We are convening a coordination meeting after this meeting to assess the contours of the package. We request the president to allow groups period of internal consultation before we engage with ministers.

Umbrella group:
We are making real progress and are closer to Doha package. But we continue to have significant concerns about shared vision, sectoral approach, technology, response measures etc. We request consultations

BASIC group:
Present result is not satisfactory. There has been little progress on loss and damage and the three working groups have a lot of questions, especially KP. In ADP, the issue is equity has not been fully satisfied. Despite these, we think we will make progress.

We strongly feel time is running out. Need ambition across the board. Good progress in ADP at the negotiators level. But we need ministers now.

Environmental Integrity Group: We did progress but more is needed. Discussions under KP have been fruitful. LCA needs more work and should be sent to ministerial sessions. ADP cannot have reference to Rio+20. Workstream 2 has to be strengthened for ambition and co-chairs should work on it. We need to use our time wisely.

We align with G77 and China. Doha has been a disappointment so far, promise of Durban is not satisfied. We continue to talk and there is little action. Ambition is very low. Agree there is limited time but we do not need to be rushed.

We need a balanced package in all the three work streams. We don’t want to be rushed. We have to go home to millions of people with something that is acceptable.

Like minded developing countries

Time is not on our side; not in Doha; not in the impacts of climate change. Have we honoured the package we got out of Durban? We are staring at no text or many texts that fail to respond. Under KP, we do not see ambition. The draft text fails to reflect our concerns. There is a strong push for MRV of developing countries. There has been no progress on finance. We need to discuss under ADP and we have confidence we can do it. We heed call for urgency, ambition and means of implementation.

Level of ambition is dangerously low to lock into an eight-year period. Any decision should not compromise the environmental integrity.

We have been insisting on one word—ambition. On finance, it was a promise that was formalized in Cancun. It was a voluntary promise by developed countries; we are not begging for charity. Circumstances now are sending us back to pre-Copenhagen. Climate change platform for pollution trading system is not acceptable. Inclusive, transparent and respectful agreement needed.

COP President
First, let’s close LCA and forward the result to COP. I will then decide how to take the pending work. Let’s meet at 6 for another stocktaking.