Sustainable Buildings for Sustainable Cities: Policies and Practices 6 -8 August 2013

November 27, 2015

The Sustainable Buildings programme of CSE organized a 3 day training programme titled  ‘Sustainable Buildings for Sustainable Cities: Policies and Practices’ for the engineers and architects of CPWD – Ghaziabad. It was attended by 25 participants belonging to varied professionals fields such as civil engineering, architecture and electrical engineering. The course was conducted from 6th -8th August at the Anil Aggarwal Green College.

During the duration of the training the participants were sensitized about the current building construction and energy sector and why energy efficiency and building sustainability is a must in today’s world. They were informed about sustainable building principles in the National Building Code and the Energy Conservation Building Code. Technical sessions were conducted on the design, installation and maintenance of the best suited air conditioning systems and solar PV arrays for different categories of buildings. The benefits and installation procedures for rainwater harvesting and decentralized waste water treatment were explained through a series of case studies. The working of these systems was also demonstrated through a tour of the mentioned systems within the CSE premises. Additional sustainable features in the CSE buildings were also pointed out and their working was explained. The training culminated with a presentation on case studies of energy efficient buildings and a session on energy audit of existing buildings. 

The participants indicated in their feedback that they had benefitted from the course and would endeavor to utlise the knowledge that they had gained during the training in their work in order to design and construct sustainable buildings.


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Some participant feedback:

The best part about the course was that experts from various fields delivered lectures and provided us with practical examples to explain the implementation of energy efficient measures in buildings.
Abhinav Gaurav, Executive Engineer (Electrical)

Overall, this training course is very useful in today’s scenario.
Biri Singh, Executive Engineer (Electrical)

Such type of courses should be regularly conducted.
Charanjit Pasricha, Executive Engineer (Civil)

All the topics discussed were pertaining to our field and the information will be useful.
Harsharan Kaur Bhui, Technical Officer (Architect)




List of participants 

Shobhana Chatterjee
Chief Architect

Kuldeep Singh
Assistant Engineer- Electrical

Amar Singh
Superintendent Engineer – Civil

J.S. Walia
Assistant Engineer- Electrical

Charanjit Pasricha,
Executive Engineer (Civil)

A.K. Sahana
Executive Engineer-Civil

Abhinav Gaurav
Executive Engineer- Electrical

K.C. Barolia
Executive Engineer- Electrical

Bela Gulat
Technical Officer

Harsharan Kaur Bhui
Technical Officer

Preeti Anand
Technical Officer

Yogesh Kumar Garg
Assistant Engineer- Electrical

Doctor Prasad Gupta
Assistant Engineer- Electrical


Amit Kumar Singh
Assistant Executive Engineer-Civil

J.K. Meena
Executive Engineer-Civil

S.D. Harmambal
Technical Officer

Daleep Singh
Assistant Engineer-Civil

Man Mohan
Superintendent Engineer – Civil

Biri Singh
Executive Engineer-Civil

Vishnu Avtar Gupta
Assistant Engineer-Electrcial

B.C. Pandey
Technical Officer

Amar Lal
Executive Engineer-Civil

Vivekanand Aggarwal
Assistant Engineer-Electrcial

G. L . Sabharwal
Assistant Engineer-Electrcial

Assistant Engineer-Electrcial




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